Solar Geysers

I’m interested in the following options:

Convert your Geyser to Solar

New Solar Geyser - Pressurized

New Solar Geyser - Low Pressure

@ R9500

@ R10500

@ R10000

@ R11500

@ R12500

@ R15000

@  R7000

@  R8500

@  R10000

@  R12500

@  R2350

Prices include installation and VAT, after ESKOM subsidy

Heating up water with the sun's energy, saving you money

Contact Details:

Tel:          012 520 5000

                086 687 9600

Cell          082 973 2855


Address:   Plot 108, M35



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Affordable solar water heating Sun energy for cost effective waterheating Split System Solar Heating available with an Eskom Rebate Supply and install affordable, high quality Solar panels Eskom Rebate solar geyser supplier


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